Samideshwar Mandir

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24 Aug 21
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DR. Prabhat kumar singhal

Samideshwar Mandir

Samideshwar Mandir in Chittorgarh district was built by Parmar King Bhoj of Malwa during 1011-1055 B.C. When Chalukyas defeated Parmars and invaded the area, then Chalukya king Kumarpal travelled to Samideshwar mandir in 1150. An epitome of Kumar pal of the then era has been found here. Another epitome belongs the period of 1428 which reads the renovation of the temple by Maharana Mokel. The temple has been made in Nager Shelli. We can see mandap at all three entrances of the temple which is situated at the west of the Chittor fort. There are two-two artistic pillars erected before each entrance. On the pillars along the walls have been depicted the minor features of guards and Ghut Pulves. The North mandap is worth watching. Here, Ganga-Yamuna, Ayuna, Ayudhdhar; Digpal, Bandijan and Gandarv Nar-Narri seems to speak rather then mum. Sabha-mandap of temple is based on artistic pillars. It's interior is sober but the outer has been exhibited with lavish art. The Artistic kungooras and depiction of the statues of God- Goddess seem to magnify themselves. A Kalash has been put in the center of terrice of Sabha Mandap. In the east of this mandap can be seen Shivling made of stone. On the wall, east of Shivling, is seen Trimurti which depicts Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh all together. The art of sculptures and artistic designs on the outer walls of the temple is also worth watching. We can also see Lusty statues of Nar-Naari along with the statues depicting the various forms of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Female statues, symbolize the beauty of middle period, are of Madneeka, Alas Kanya and Dev Bala in. We can also see the exhibitions, belong to the life style of folk life. Stones at the top of the Shivalaya have been well intericated. The temple has been the center of major tourist attraction. They come here and enjoy it's magnificent architectural style.Chittorgarh is a city located 110 K.M. away from Udaipur. It lies on the bombs of river Gambhiri and Berach.

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