Do not get distracted by the colors of Holi, so keep some essential things in mind.

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07 Mar 23
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Dr. Sandeep Bhatnagar, Director Internal Medicine, Paras Hospital, Udaipur

Do not get distracted by the colors of Holi, so keep some essential things in mind.

Udaipur. The festival of Holi is a festival of color, joy and gaiety. Few colors do not dissolve, so it is imperative to take some precautions to safely enjoy the festival of Holi without any danger. Being careless in Holi can affect your skin, eyes, hair, and other body parts. There can be harmful effects.

We can celebrate Holi enthusiastically by keeping some essential things in mind, like - Using natural colors to play Holi and avoiding using harmful chemical blooms. Before playing with color, apply oily cream on the face and oil to the hair so that the color does not fix the skin. Keep your eyes and lips closed while playing with colors so that the colors do not enter your eyes and mouth. Wear glasses to keep your eyes safe because sometimes, while playing Holi outside, gulaal can enter your eyes, which can cause a burning sensation in your eyes. If you color your eyes while playing Holi, then immediately wash your eyes with clean water. If there is an intense burning sensation even after washing the eyes, contact a doctor directly. Do not use a bright silver color. It contains aluminum bromide, which may be responsible for skin cancer. On the other hand, the lead oxide present in black color badly affects the kidney. Do not consume drugs etc., on Holi, which hurts your health; it can cause a big accident, so celebrate the Holi festival in a safe environment.

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