Avoid allergic conditions on skin & hair during this monsoon

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09 Jul 18
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 Avoid allergic conditions on skin & hair during this monsoon (Dr. Naresh Arora) Some apprehensions like itching, rashes and allergies on our skin, face and body are always there during the rainy season. With rain in Delhi , high humidity brings with it continuous sweating and sebum oozing out of our Face, and that even the mild sunlight can play havoc with Sun Tan, burning sensation and even dehydration of the skin. Gastric acidity and indigestion makes our skin more vulnerable and susceptible. Most of these problems can be prevented through aromatherapy applications. . Rainy season is a refreshing season but one has to remember the hazards of bacterial infections and deterrent to them. The natural remedies are as follows. HAIR CARE Remedy of hair and scalp problems like dandruff, dry and itchy scalp in monsoon includes Rosemary oil 1 drop, Basil oil 1 drop, Tea Tree oil 1 drop and Patchouli oil 1 drop mixed with 1 Tsp Almond or Extra virgin Olive oil. Apply on scalp on alternate nights with gentle finger massage for 10-15 minutes. Wash off next morning with Lavender Shampoo. Apply pH 5.5 Hair Conditioner or Hair Spa Cream. SKIN AND BODY CARE Remedy for or skin and body problems like allergy, rashes, etc. prepare a body and facial scrub with ½ Teaspoon of Dead Sea salt, ½ TSP Brown Sugar, Ubtan ½ tsp and make paste with 1Tsp Skin Butter ( Shea and Cocoa Butter ) , add 10 drops Lemon Juice and 2-4 drops of Neroli Oil . Dryness is quite common in monsoon and its mainly because of the the deficiency of vitamins and essential amino acids which helps in repairing dry and lifeless skin. The condition of dry skin becomes worse in the monsoon. A solution of argan oil , fresh curd and honey if applied as a pack and rinse away after 10 minutes with a herbal face wash is very beneficial for a dry skin. Even a paste of coffee dust and honey applied and washed off after fifteen minutes with luke warm water keeps the dry skin soft and nourished ..The paste should be well massaged and scrubbed on Face and body with gentle movements for 5-10 minutes and then leave for 5 minutes. Wash off well and apply SPF 10-20 Sunscreen. Repeat the process every week and see miracle happening after three sittings. For pimples on the face, cleanse the face with Mint facial gel and apply high frequency ozone treatment for 8-10 minutes. Provide Facial Steam with Anti Ace oil (2-4 drops) followed by cold compression. Apply Tea Tree Facial gel for 10-15 minutes and wipe off. Apply Neem and Mint Face Pack and wash off when completely dry, apply Skin Toner. One should take diet of salads and whole fruits and drink as much water as possible. A pack of gramflour, milk, honey and lemon gives an oily skin a fresh and glowing look A pack of pulp of ripe papaya or cocoa powder scrub applied and washed off after 10 minutes with cold water leaves the greasy skin fresh and glowing. Add few drops of rose water for enhanced result Rose water is a blessing for oily skin. Rose water helps to remove the excess oils from your face. It also prevents the growth of acne-causing elements with its pH balancing properties. Hot water wash is more advantageous than cold water as hot water helps in dissolving the oil from the skin easily It is crucial to maintain healthy fooding habit during rainy season because during the rains, there is a high amount of humidity in the atmosphere due to which our digestive system gets apathetic. It is important to note that the food you’re consuming has a strong impact your skin. Go for the balanced diet with all types of vitamins and minerals FOOT CARE During the rainy season, fungal infections are more usual and formidable than at any other time of the year. This is because most fungi thrive in damped climate. Fungal infection of the foot sole is always a matter of concern in the rainy season (Athlete’s Foot) and it requires specialized pedicure. Use one teaspoon of Dead Sea salt and two drops of Basil Oil in the Pedicure Tub and soak the feet for 10-15 minutes. Make sure to put on your socks after complete drying of fingers and foot sole Apply talcum powder. Open footwear is prescribed for the monsoon season rather than closed footwear like shoes and boots.Even nails are at high risk during rainy season. Nails can become discolored, brittle and rough. In severe cases, the nail can get detached from the nail bed.
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