Blood pressure control

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31 May, 18 09:51
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According to 2017 report from the American Heart Association

High BP is the most common cardiovascular disease. Expecting more than 54% of US adults,
ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the world’s biggest killers .In India the global burden of disease study for 2016 shows that heart diseases have remained the leading cause of death in India for more than two decades, fuelled by unhealthy diets , smoking , inactivity and obesity leading to high blood pressure .

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the flow of blood on the walls of blood vessels ,when this blood pressure is persistently high in the arteries then this elevation of pressure is called hypertension

In Ayurveda it is not mentioned as a disease separately but we can say it is raktavata or rakatgatvat , which is due to vitiation of Rakta and vitiation of Vata .When a person doesn’t follow his lifestyle according dincharya(daily routine including diet, exercise, sleep and aacharrasayan ( activities which give us mentally relaxation and peace) , ritucharya ( follow regime according seasons) and bharhamcharaya, it’s creates imbalance between dosha and dhatva . Vitiation of tridosha and rakta are responsible for hypertension. Especially fives type of vata, pachak, saadhak and alochak pitta , avlambhak kapha are responsible for its aetiology.

Ideal blood pressure is 120/80 m.mHg. It should be low under 140/90 m. mHg. Higher than 160/100 mmHg is medical emergency.

For control of high blood pressure we should change our life style in following way:-
1 Diet (2) exercise (3)sleep (4)medication (5) meditation ( yoga and pranayama) according ritucharya and dincharya.

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