Banyan Tree’s Ruhaniyat is back!

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05 Mar 21
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Vilas Janve & Sachin Mane

Banyan Tree’s Ruhaniyat is back!


Finally, life seems to be picking herself up on her feet again. So many heart-wrenching stories, so many unanswered questions... The pandemic, the lockdown and all that followed made us all ask some fundamental questions. When in the midst of all the chaos, for most, connecting with the divine, in whatever way, seemed like a soothing balm. Reading or listening to the immortal works of great saints, realized masters gave solace and also provided that most needed ray of hope. As November arrived, we at Banyan Tree helplessly looked at the scenario which was far from suitable to take off on our annual Ruhaniyat journey.

Finally, the wait is over and we are all set to present Ruhaniyat once again. So, what's special about this difficult year's Ruhaniyat?

Ruhaniyat will be featured in Mumbai in an all-new Hybrid format. The live concert with the limited physical audience will also be streamed live for all who have been eagerly waiting for it but cannot be there physically. Though except Mumbai, it will not be a physical concert, we are thankful that we can present Ruhaniyat at all, even if in a digital format to all our loyal audiences across the country.

Besides the live performances in Mumbai, Ruhaniyat in all 8 cities will also, present some presentations specially shot at the actual habitats of our artists, including some from other countries. In other words, this Ruhaniyat will take you to spectacular locales bringing lives now-covered mountains, lakes, sand dunes, jungles...

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