The revolt of G-23 weakened the roots of Congress

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05 Mar 21
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-Lalit Garg: -

The revolt of G-23 weakened the roots of Congress

The working policies and culture of the Congress party has been degraded due to selfishness, nepotism, wealth and political self interest. The party forgot about their roots, principles, ideals and selflessness so today it is lagging behind in every competition. Congress today stands at the point where one problem does not end, before it raises many problems simultaneously. Internal discord and contradiction within the Congress are coming out in new faces, the rebellion of the G-23 is well known. Rahul Gandhi is the biggest reason for this predicament of the Congress and its continued rise to the abyss. Will that party and political leadership remove the worries and national problems of the poor people of the country, which do not even have time to overcome the worries of maintaining the political existence of their son?

The leaders of the G-23 are the strong leaders of the Congress. These leaders are the roots of this party; the founder and flag bearers of Congress party. These leaders are forced to speak all such things that Sonia has gone through exasperating. They have repeatedly exposed Rahul's failures, raised the issue of organization, these leaders are also questioning the Congress agreement with Indian Secular Front, the party of Maulvi Abbas Siddiqui of Furfura Sharif in Bengal. How can Congress compromise its basic principles? How will the party fight communal powers by tying up with people like Siddiqui? It is an alliance known for provoking religious sentiments.

During Corona, Siddiqui had publicly prayed that ten to fifty crore Indians die. Congress can only do the hypocrisy of fighting communalism by taking communal people and organizations together. In this way, the magic of hypocritical righteousness and pseudo-secularism will not happen in the electoral battle.
The big question is, what does the Congress want to convey by compromising such people? While the Congress faces major challenges today, they are faced with veteran leaders like Narendra Modi, and a disciplined party like the BJP, giving it the faith of nationalism, the height of duty, determination and dedication of selflessness and political values. The concept to become an ideal for all should not be limited to speeches, but should become an essential part of his political lifestyle. It should not only wear ideals like clothes, otherwise the ideals will also be called patchwork if ripped off, and the same misfortune is being etched on the Congress.

Family members are still silent on the attacks of disgruntled Congress leaders. Their silence is encouraging the disgruntled leaders, sharpening the edge of their opposition. The leaders of the G-23 are trying to break this silence and fight openly. Sonia Gandhi knows that if the fight comes out in the open, it will be very difficult for her to save Rahul Gandhi. Actually, this fight is now a fight to save the party and to save the existence of Rahul Gandhi. The intention of the Gandhi family to silence the issues being raised about Rahul Gandhi is only to avoid the issue, the intention of doing something was not there before and it is not visible now. This situation is proving to be a huge loss for the party.


The reason for this condition of the Congress party, which has been ruling for the longest time in independent India, is the nepotism. The ancient History has witnessed many cases that unnecessary son’s love leads to devastation. Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency in the country in the fascination of power and son. Today, Sonia Gandhi, walking on similar footsteps, is blurring the existence and identity of the party. What are the reasons that people are not bowing with reverence towards the politics of Congress, because there is no stability on any fundamental issues, where there is no stability, how is trust possible? The question is not of a family, but of the 130 crores population of the country. The love only for a son has changing policies, changing promises, how will the statements be able to hold the hopeful trust of a country of crores of rupees even when it is failing to uphold the faith of the basic leaders of the party. Therefore, looking at the beauty of time, all the responsible elements of Congress should not spend time in struggle for their party, create party-interest. It is necessary to have a strong opposition of a strong democracy like India and yet this eligibility is not coming out in opposition parties other than Congress.

The Gandhi family is the target of senior disgruntled Congress leaders. The open manner in which all the leaders spoke, it is clear that they want a change in the party's interest, in the thinking of the party and also in the organizational structure. The political experience of these leaders is more than that of Rahul Gandhi. Given the structure of the Congress so far, it does not seem that this leader is in the queue of any post, it is not even in the mood to break away from the party to form a new party, all these leaders are getting broken in the name of Rahul Gandhi and are worried about scattering. These leaders want to work together with the leadership to find a common solution and a formula to save the party, the possibility of such a scenario is not in the interest of the party.

 It is clear that the party which is unable to listen to its own people, what will it listen to the nation and the people of the nation? How would such dogma be acceptable in a democracy? This open rebellion of the big leaders of the Congress Party is a call of the dark on the future of the party.

Today, the issue of son-fascination has become very high than responsibilities and political interests. Personal selfishness and familism have become more than the interests of the public. Disgruntled leaders have also reached the conclusion that no sun will rise in the Congress under Rahul. Those who had high hopes from Priyanka Gandhi are even more disappointed. Priyanka's aura has not created magic. Both  Brother and sister meet a poor person, sit down with a poor person and eat food, and reach out to console a victim, then they start to understand that they have won the hearts of one hundred and thirty crore people.

They never take their statements, actions condemned or criticized seriously. His politics has worn so many masks, weaving webs of deceit, appearances and demonstrations so much that it has become very difficult for the common man to identify his right face. For these reasons, the Congress was almost wiped out in the panchayat and local body elections in Gujarat. There is a loss and victory in the elections, but the result of Gujarat is giving a new message. Till now, the Congress has been eliminated in such a way that there are strong regional parties. In spite of many positive conditions in Gujarat, the Congress has failed to do anything good; it is a more worrying aspect. Is it appropriate to act on local leaders rather than brainstorm on the reasons for the defeat? The question is, how will the Congress become strong due to these conditions? How will the party emerge from the new power? The Congress cannot see anything other than national religion and duty, only then can the party get new life, otherwise darkness is prevailed.

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