Two major projects will change the face of Sriganganagar forever

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21 Nov 20
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Maharaja Ganga Singh Memorial on Shivpur Head

Two major projects will change the face of Sriganganagar forever
Maharaja Ganga Singh is known for his vision and incredible work in Sriganganaganagar.
A statue should be installed to keep the memory of the great King Ganga Singh ji. 
DM Shri Mahaveer prasad Varma has taken up Maharaja Ganga Singh Statue & Mini Secretariat projects in hand. 
District Collector Shri Mahavir Prasad Verma has held several important posts in the past.  It is his foresight, which strives to make Sriganganagar district the number one city in Rajasthan.  Due to the efforts of District Collector, development work will be done in Sriganganagar district in the coming years and it will also be developed from the point of view of tourism.
 District Collector Shri Mahavir Prasad Verma paid tribute to Maharaja Ganga Singh at Shivpur Head on Dhanteras after laying the foundation stone for the construction work of Maharaja Ganga Singh statue. Maharaja Ganga Singh was very intelligent and visionary leader of his time .
 District Collector Shri Verma, Superintendent of Police Shri Rajan Dushyant and Sadulshahar MLA Shri Jagdish Jagid laid the foundation stone of Puja Archana at Shivpur Head on Dhanteras at 9.15 am with Puja Archana for Statue Construction work.
 On this occasion, Mr. Verma said that about 93 years ago, this area was completely deserted and barren.  With the dream of making this region green, Maharaja Ganga Singh dreamed of bringing the water of Sutlej here and he made this dream come true in just 17 months.  The project was completed and water was released on 26 October 1927 in the presence of Lord Irwin.
 District Collector said that after coming to Ganganagar, farmers of this region also got the benefit of Indira Gandhi Canal Project and Bhakra Canal System.  He said that Maharaja Gangasingh was a Fair King and many stories about him are told by villagers till now.  He told that after taking the charge of the District Collector in Sriganganagar, the Irrigation officials told him about the canal system at Shivpur Head.  On the same day he thought that Maharaja Ganga Singh's statue should be on Shivpur Head and soon this work was taken up by District collector himself.
 He said that in spite of this corona period the district administration is determined that the construction of this grand memorial will be completed within four months.  He said that 18 feet platform and 11 feet statue of Maharaja will be installed here.
A helipad would also be built at this place and the District Administration will complete this task in mission mode. During an informal discussion with the officials , a sum of Rs 11 lakh 5 thousand were collected in just 35 minutes and this amount has now increased to 13.95 lakhs.  The District Administration is working day and night to fulfill this dream of DM Shri Varma.
 Sadulshahar MLA Shri Jagdish Jangid said that the work of the Statue of Maharaja Ganga Singh should have been completed many years ago, but District Collector Shri Mahavir Prasad Verma deserves congratulations for taking up this work.
   The thought of bringing Jeevandayini Gangnahar and designing and completing this task in those odd circumstances was challenging but Maharaja Ganga Singh did this work amazingly.
 On the request of District Collector Shri Verma, Mr. Dildar Singh of Newlight Jewelers on the spot gave Rs. 2 lakh, MLA Mr. Jagdish Jangid Rs. 1 lakh, Mr. Krishna Saharan Rs. 1 lakh, Mr. Kuldeep Rs. 51 thousand, Mr. Mohit Punjab Ayurveda College. In addition to the support of 51 thousand rupees from the side, the officials of Team Ganganagar also emphasized to cooperate.
   Architect Nikita Madan will design the statue of Maharaja Ganga Singh for free.
  This memorial will not only enhance the beauty of this area but also tourism will increase in Sriganganaganagr after the completion of this work. Sriganganagar is known for its agriculture land and farming but tourism is less than the other major cities of Rajasthan.
 Mini Secretariate 
After two and a half years the work of Mini Secretariat has started again when
 District Collector took this important decision.
  Construction work of Mini Secretariat in Sriganganagar will be resumed after two and a half years. Taking important decisions, District Collector Shri Mahavir Prasad Varma announced that soon this project will start again.
 Offices of various departments including District Collector, Superintendent of Police, ADM Administration, ADM Vigilance, SDM, Social Welfare, Water Resources, Drinking Water, Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Agriculture, Horticulture, Statistics, Employment, Labor, Rural Development will operate in this Mini Secretariat.  .
  District Collector Mr. Verma has taken up the responsibility to complete the stopped work of Mini Secretariat.
 He informed that a 15-day NIT will be issued by the UIT, in which 21 plots (36 bighas) will be sold, later the remaining plots will be cut and sold.  90 percent of its sales will be deposited with the Finance Department, which will later be transferred to RSRDC and 10 percent to UIT.  After the formation of Mini Secretariat, many important departments will be shifted in it.
 District Collector Shri Verma visited the under construction site Mini Secretariat and after seeing all the areas around it, gave the necessary guidelines by understanding the project through maps.  He instructed that the roads leading from here be made immediately so that the way to reach the Mini Secretariat would be smooth. 
  By fully developing this area, it will not only be easy to reach here but also this area will look beautiful.  This project is very important for the development of Sriganganagar.

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