BN PG :Discusses Climate Change, Plant Conservation, and Biodiversity

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27 May 24
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 BN PG :Discusses Climate Change, Plant Conservation, and Biodiversity

**Udaipur,  The Department of Botany at Bhupal Nobles Postgraduate College hosted a one-day national symposium where experts presented significant insights on climate change, plant conservation, and biodiversity.

Chief Guest Prof. Umashankar Sharma, former Vice Chancellor of MPUAT, Udaipur, highlighted the impacts of climate change, stating, "Combating climate change and adapting to a warming world are top priorities of our time." He explained that the increasing levels of greenhouse gases are altering the global climate, affecting communities, health, and the five fundamental elements (earth, water, fire, air, space).

Special Guest Prof. Mahesh Dixit, Principal of Madan Mohan Malviya Government Ayurvedic College, Udaipur, emphasized plant conservation, saying, "Plants are not merely for consumption; they also need protection and nurturing." He stressed the combined essence of science and knowledge in the Vedas and provided a scientific explanation of the traditional "Nautapa" period.

Keynote speaker Prof. G.S. Shekhawat, Head of the Botany Department at Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur, underscored the importance of recycling, stating, "Recycling properly is crucial to protecting plants and biodiversity from toxic effects." He highlighted that the cost of mobile phone production, especially due to mining, leads to significant carbon emissions, exacerbating climate change, which is a major concern for our ecosystem.

Associate Professor Dr. M. Abdul Kareem from the Center for Conservation of Natural Resources, discussed "Medicinal Plants Diversity in India and Conservation of Endangered and Threatened Medicinal Plants."

Dr. Mohan Singh Rathore, the organizing secretary and head of the Botany Department, noted that over 100 research papers were received from various states. The symposium was conducted in a hybrid mode, featuring four technical sessions—two online and two offline.

Chief Patron Colonel Prof. Shiv Singh Sarangdevot, Patron Dr. Mahendra Singh Rathore, and Co-Patron Mohabbat Singh Rathore shared their thoughts on the symposium’s objectives and key points. 

Kamlandra Singh Rathore from Samarth Committee shared his insights on wild produce. Various competitions were held, and winners were awarded. The symposium's coordinators, Dr. Sunita Jain, Dr. Praveena Rathore, Dr. Deepti Suhalka, and Dr. Vandana Paliwal, contributed significantly to the success of the event. The symposium was conducted by Dr. Praveena Rathore and Dr. Tanvi Agarwal.

This symposium emphasized the intricate field of biological sciences, focusing on understanding complex issues, exploring common problems and solutions, and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to navigate various processes and overcome challenges in building a bright future across different domains.

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