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14 Feb, 18 10:42
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The World Music festival for the third time in a row proved to be a big hit. This one event spread out in three days including a weekend has put the news of the city on the world map. Imagine what more events, more days, and more international people can do?
The city of Udaipur has earned a reputation of an internationally acclaimed destination mostly because of mouth publicity. Except for a few private events, there are none that can tell the world about Udaipur. This one World Music Festival has made the city hit the headlines across the world and surely we need many more.
The kind of atmosphere we have in the city is perfect for carnivals, fairs, and art events in which we can invite people from the world over. Events like Shlipgram Utsav need to be advertised across the borders and invite participation on various events. The people around the world have a special charm for the Indian culture and the city of Lakes is an epitome of the culture India is proud of.
Apart from cultural extravaganza, the weather of the city also remains favorable for outdoor sports. The need is to prepare places like Maharana Pratap Khel Gaon for the international sports and ask the government of India to start organizing small and big events here. The city already has an international airport that can be upgraded to match the international standards.
As far as hospitality is concerned, Udaipur has won many awards and millions of hearts already. And that identification can be capitalized to get the glory even bigger. Udaipur itself can be the face of Rajasthan Tourism and obviously Incredible India campaign.
The city has the history of Maharana Pratap, the art of tribe, and modernity of state of the art hotels. The beauty is unmatched and nature also has bestowed its unique love in abundance upon it. What’s all needed is a little effort to encash the raw power the city possesses. A sincere willpower to make the city international and we can beat the top notch cities of the world.
The projects in progress like Ahar river beautification can give a great boost to the tourism and all we need is a campaign to let the world know that Udaipur is ready to welcome the world.
Just like preparing for an interview or submitting a bid to win a business, the dedication will be the key. From safety to facilities to modernity, we need to tell the worlds that we are the best. And for that, of course, some efforts are needed.
While the government can ensure that all projects are complete in time and city gets all the required infrastructure, we the people can take a pledge to ensure the safety of all properties. We can ensure that the city stays clean and hygienic all the time.
Once we have the stage all set, we need to run a campaign to let the world know what the city has to offer, of course, outstanding facilities, royal feeling, and low budget can encourage many event organizers to head to Udaipur rather than looking for small spaces in crowded big cities. That also needs that we have single-window clearance system so that organizers can get all the approvals in one go.
There are plenty of things that are needed to be done and we can set the ball rolling in the direction of making Udaipur a truly international destination.

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