Together with me: Laugh out Loud

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13 Feb, 18 08:19
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Together with me: Laugh out Loud Laughter is the best medicine in the world. People have forgotten this simplest trick these days. Stress and tension have stolen the smile from our faces. When problems occur many of us lose our temper or show anger but few people know this art of killing stress by laughing dose. May be that's why they are able to survive in this world.
Few years back in Munna bhai MBBS , Dr. Asthana's character impressed me so much. I was a kid then. But whenever this movie comes on television , I watch it to revise the art of laughter therapy.
I am an engineering student. I have to spend hours on learning about machines who dont have this ability to laugh. Only humans are blessed with this super power. Its ridiculous to see some people who never smile. It seems that the world would collapse if they laugh.
My friend Rehana takes too much stress in exam days. She always look dull and exhausted. I feel depressed in her company. She is a brilliant student who always stood first in our batch but she loses self confidence easily. I have tried to motivate her with thousands of examples but she has all the answers. Its really tough to deal with negative people around us.
Actually no one can make you feel good or positive. It's your own efforts and positive thoughts that make you stress free. There is no such medicine in this world to keep you positive in tension.
I have been trying to learn this art since childhood. My parents never showed nervousness in tough phases of life. It runs in our blood to spread positivity in any situation.
Problems are part of life. You cant run away from your problems. It would be good to face your problems with smile. Your enemies would automatically be killed to see you happy in tough situations. Its a message to the world without uttering a single word.
Our facial muscles tone up when we smile. Skin colour or beauty fails in front of a simple face who know the art to smile. People spend money on courses and therapies to learn to be happy but this hidden treasure is inside us. Why can't we look inside ourselves and laugh out loud. Sadness or grief would simply go to see the strength and power of happiness.
Now get ready to laugh out loud together with me.
Kashish Sodhi

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