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16 Apr 18
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'King is a trustee of his people. If there is anything above his physical pleasure, desires, and business, then it is the well being of people of his kingdom.' This is a dialogue from 'Gaurav Gatha Rana Sanga Ki' which described the character of Emperor and revived the glorious saga of history where Maharana Sangram Singh-I ruled the kingdom of Mewar from 1509 to 1527 and was also known as Rana Sanga.
The 536th birth anniversary of Rana Sanga was celebrated at Zenana Mahal on 9th April by Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation. This is the very first time when trust thought for celebrating his birthday and sharing his ideology, bravery and righteous to students and tourists visiting the City Palace. The trustee of the foundation Shri Lakshya Raj Singh Mewar and Smt. Nirvruti Kumar Mewar attended the occasion.
The program started by showering the flower on the statue of Rana Sanga followed by the inspirational play based on important incidents of his life. It was written and directed by Shri Vilas Janve and produced by Martin Foundation, Udaipur. The play, ‘Gaurav Gatha Rana Sanga Ki' was based on the Historical references from the book of Pt. Harivilas Sarda 'Hindupati Maharana Sanga' where the life history of the monarch was given along with various other information of that period.
Maharana was a real warrior. He spent him all life in battle. He got 80 wounds on his body but despite all these wounds, he never took rest and was always ready for the next battle. His love and affection towards his people can be felt from the incident when he lost his one eye and his one leg and hand stopped working, he asked his court generals to select a new king for the throne in his stead. He said that a king has to be physically fit to rule the kingdom. He gave the example of a God's idol. He said that if a statue breaks down, then it does not remain worthy of worship and it should be immersed and new idol should be placed and worshiped. But his generals refused to accept anyone other than him as their king. They said that Maharana lost his organ in battlefield where he defeated the enemy and won the battle with his incomparable valor and power. A person who did not care about his wounds and served the nation is the real king.
The Turks and Mughals were scared of Maharana. When Babar became the king of Delhi, he tactfully captured Bayana which was under the custody of Maharana. Rana Sanga decided to fight with Babar and this battle was named as 'Battle of Khanwa' which turned the Indian history. Maharana moved towards the Khanwa with his soldiers and they had weapons like spears, arrows, barks, and swords. But Babar used cannons for the first time. He took the devious move and shook hand with Silhidi who was fighting from Maharana's side, now joined Babar with his army of 35000 soldiers. Maharana was shocked but did not move from his decision to fight with Babar. During the battle an arrow hit his head and he laid down. The Rajput officers sensed the situation and took Rana to a safe and secure place. On the battlefield Rajrana Ajjaji of Kathiawad took the place of Rana and fought the battle but after his death Rajputs lost the battle. After some time, when Maharana got his conscious back, he asked where he is and what happened at a battle. Knowing the reality of battlefield he yelled at the court generals and decided to fight back. His passion motivated everyone but his body was deeply wounded and tired. Maharana, who won over 80 wounds, closed his eyes forever on 30 December 1527.
Writer-director, Sh. Vilas Janve, included all the 9 Rasas of Natyashashtra to make it a strong play. The presentation imbibed storytelling with theatrical elements. All the characters were beautifully performed by the young talented artist of Udaipur Manish Sharma who was the sole actor in the play. Back to back four shows were performed and show by show energy of Manish was increasing and performance got better. He made scenes alive by his acting. The enchanting music and song sung by Samarth Janve attracted the audiences. Actually, music was the cherry on the cake. One of the foreigners said that she did not understand anything as the language of the play was Hindi but grasped the essence of the play through music. She added music was spiritual and refreshing. Backstage activities and Music were handled by Bhuvan Sharma and by Shubham Sharma respectively. Abdul Mubin Khan welcomed the guests and did curtain call on behalf of Mart and Foundation. Students of Maharana Mewar Public School and G. D. Goenka School enjoyed the show and went with lots of knowledge about the life of Rana Sanga and his values. 'I am pleased to watch the show as it gave details of important events held in history and it is more interesting than reading a book.' said Smt. Nivruti Kumari Mewar.
Chief Administration Officer of MMCF, Thakur Bhupendra Singh Auwa informed that An Exhibition was also organized along with distributing special brooches and brochures of Maharana Sangram Singh. to students and tourists. -----Rekha Sisodia---

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