Kataria's Public meetings convert into Party cadre congregations

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16 Apr 18
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The Mohalla meetings of the Home Minister of Rajasthan in his constituency to consolidate his position before Assembly polls fizzled out as the people started raising questions about the local problems they were facing. At every ward meeting, he had to face the harsh music as people refused to hear his political rhetoric and demanded action on their demands. At a meeting in a locality in the walled city when the women demanded removal the honorable Home Minister not only refused to do so but went to the extent of saying," You drop your votes in the well, I don't care for your votes." This attracted media attention and soon became the talk of the town. BJP has lost the humility of a party seeking votes of the people. Since it has become the richest political party with an income of more than one thousand crores and government in more than twenty states, its leaders have started unprecedented arrogance and high -headedness. Just after four programmes of the public meeting, Kataria changed it into party cadre meetings in which only party workers were invited and six to seven police jeeps always accompanied his carcade. In Pratapnagar, police took two people into custody and took them to the police station when they tried to raise certain questions. The leader of Mewar who tries to fashion himself in the like of Mohan Lal Sukhadia has had a bitter taste. The people of Udaipur, as elsewhere in the state are fed up with the empty slogan mongering of the entire hierarchy of BJP beginning with the Prime Minister to the local leaders who are never tired of playing the communal card. The way Shambhu Regar, the accused in the murder of laborer Afrazul was defended by the local BJP leaders and was glorified by VHP in Jodhpur on the occasion of Ram Navami has exposed fully the communal agenda of the ruling party. If the Congress and the opposition can unite on this issue in the coming elections and field a reasonably strong candidate BJP might find it tough to win this time.

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