One Week Mime Workshop at Ahemdabad and Gandhinagar

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07 Aug 18
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vilas janve

One Week Mime Workshop at Ahemdabad and Gandhinagar I was at Ahemdabad to take a week long Mime Workshop from Monday to Sunday. This was a long awaited workshop dedicated to Mime. 18 years back I took a brief workshop on Mime for Darpan Academy, Ahemdabad .This time Navsarjan Academy in collaboration with Indie Products of Ahemdabad took responsibilities to organize this workshop for 55 children and 12 youth of Ahemdabad who participated in 3 batches at Prayog Shala, 17, Suhasnagar Society, Behind Sales India, Asharam Road( a compact place to hold such workshops). Vishal Shah of Indie Products and Arti Maniyara of Navsarjan Academy were keen to introduce this art among theatre enthusiasts. I always heard from my Guru Padmshree Niranjan Goswami that National Mime Festivals did not have any participation from Gujarat.This workshop gave me an opportunity to initiate steps towards popularizing Mimes in Ahemdabad. The workshops went off well. Besides working on different theatre exercises, improvisations, techniques to enhance body movements and facial expressions, trainees were exposed to various other aspects of this art. They also learnt three popular group mimes (my old creations) namely ‘Pani Pani’ for youth and ‘Dust Bin’ as well as ‘Plantation Week V/S Plantation Weak’ and presented with tremendous enthusiasm at the Studio theatre (Prayog Shala) and impressed audiences. These hilarious, action packed, entertaining and thematic mimes delivered messages to society. Conservation of water is the question of hour.Children also understood the value of cleanliness and raised voice for clean city. While providing water to thirsty plant from their water bottles, they showed their deep concern towards environment protection. The local organizers expressed their interest to sustain such workshops in future which can be called a good start for creating awareness for Mime.The interest of parents and children themselves ensures bright future of Mime in Ahemdabad. Additional Pleasure.. During this period I also got chance to visit Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Gandhinagar for sharing my experience with the trainee teachers. My interactive Mime workshops for five days gave me great pleasure as young teachers of future learnt various features of Mime helpful for enhancing their expressions.It was a learning point for me too as I observed many significant features of a Government Institution dedicated to groom teachers in various fields. A combination of High Tech and Traditional education system, IIET offers many extension activities like horse riding, Rifle shooting, dance, music, drama and various crafts besides indoor and outdoor games to enhance overall skill of teachers. Congratulations to the Vice Chancellor Dr. Shashiranjan Yadav for taking this Institution to very high level.The integrated and innovative courses will go a long way to motivate promising teachers.
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