“4-Months Old Operated For Rare Surgery at Geetanjali Hospital”

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11 Jul 18
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“4-Months Old Operated For Rare Surgery at Geetanjali Hospital” Udaipur, An infant 4 months old, weighing 5.5 kilograms, suffering from swelling in stomach, unable to drink milk and vomits was operated by Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Atul Mishra. The infant was suffering from rare disorder tumor termed Teratoma Tumor in upper abdomen. The tumor weighed 350 grams wherein of size 15x20 cms. Investigations of Ultra Sound confirmed the presence of tumor in upper abdomen.
“We were able to remove the mass from stomach by performing “Excision of Tumor”. The surgery lasted three-and-a-half hours. The infant recovered well and is good now. Recurrence of this tumor in infant is negligible. The prevalence of teratoma tumors in infants is less than 1%. Only 20 cases of the same disease have been reported till date & the one with such a small age of 4 months is reported for the first time,” said Dr. Atul Mishra, Pediatric Surgeon of Geetanjali Hospital.
Sumerpur Resident, Vivek, age 4 months old, was suffering from vomiting, unable to drink milk and swelling in stomach. To which he was brought to Geetanjali Hospital for consultation.

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