Successful Treatment of Infant's Cataract at PIMS Hospital

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24 Nov 23
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Successful Treatment of Infant's Cataract at PIMS Hospital

In a remarkable achievement, the Eye Department at PIMS Hospital Udaipur, led by Dr. Nitin Singh and his team including Dr. Sandhya Nagda and Dr. Shreya, successfully treated a ten-month-old baby suffering from white cataract, a complex eye condition. Chairman Ashish Agrawal shared this medical breakthrough, highlighting the intricacies involved in the surgery, which required the extraction of a portion of the lens along with damaged lens tissue.

The infant, who was unable to see anything since birth, has now gained sight in both eyes after the successful cataract removal surgeries. The process of visual rehabilitation, led by Dr. Nitin Singh, is set to begin. The rehabilitation will involve the implementation of various effective techniques to strengthen and enhance the child's vision further. This medical success showcases the expertise and commitment of the Eye Department at PIMS Hospital.

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