The risk of brain stroke may increase in winter,

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06 Jan 23
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Know how to be careful

The risk of brain stroke may increase in winter,

Udaipur. Dr. Tarun Mathur, Senior Consultant &Interventional Neurology, Paras Hospital Udaipur, said that the winter season affects human beings in many different ways. Usually, in winter, the blood vessels get constricted, due to which the blood pressure increases. Due to laziness and comfort in the winter, you prefer to stay home and avoid exercise because your heart, mind, and body do not work quickly.

Some research suggests that warmer weather inside and colder weather outside can cause plaque buildup to become more significant and less stable, leading to a higher risk of brain stroke and heart attack.

Due to this, the risk of brain stroke increases more in winter.

Know the symptoms of brain stroke: Sudden weakness. Numbness of hands, feet, or face. Numbness, especially on one side of the body. Trouble speaking or understanding. Loss of body balance

The leading causes of stroke are Blood clots. High cholesterol level.

How to avoid these problems: Choose your food wisely. Be physically active, exercise. Take care of your cholesterol. Keep a balance of diabetes.

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