Successful treatment of bleeding in the intestine by portal vein stenting in Geetanjali Hospital Udaipur

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26 Aug 20
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Successful treatment of bleeding in the intestine by portal vein stenting in Geetanjali Hospital Udaipur

In Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur, the patients are being treated cautiously continuously, following all the necessary regulations related to the corona pandemic.  With the untiring efforts of Neurosciences team's Neuro Vascular Interventional Radiologist Dr. Sitaram Barath, Gastroenterologist Dr. Dhawal Vyas and team, Dr. Karuna, Dr. Neha, Dr. Manav from the Department of Anesthesia, Cath Lab staff, and CCU staff, successful treatment of the patient suffering from EHPVO (Extrahepatic Portal Vein Obstruction) was done.
The 36-year-old patient, a resident of Pratapgarh, said that for a few months, blood flow also began to occur during bowel movements, due to which he was unable to perform his daily activities such as dizziness, inability to stand and walk all the time, since the patient is from profession He is a barber, because of this disease he was not able to do anything for his livelihood. After suffering greatly increased, the disease went to the local hospital to be shown again, seeing the patient's condition, the local doctor of Pratapgarh advised to go to Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur from all the latest facilities.
What was the issue?
Dr. Sitaram Barath told that the patient came to Geetanjali Hospital with the problem of blood coming with stool, endoscopy, and CT of the patient by Gastroenterologist Dr. Dhawal Vyas. Scanned Examination found that some small veins had swollen in the small intestine, mainly because of the blockage in the main vein called the portal vein, as well as the side branches opened. Due to the increase in pressure in the collateral veins, blood flow was happening, and the main vein was closed. 
The obstruction was opened by lever stenting of the main portal vein by Dr. Barth, which started the normal flow of blood. It is known as EHPVO (Extrahepatic portal vein obstruction). This disease is generally sporadic. The patient is now completely disease-free and has been discharged after seven days. 
For your Information, Geetanjali Hospital is a multi-super specialty hospital. It is fully available to all the patients who come to avail of each specialty because here is all the state-of-the-art facilities are available under one roof so that the complex operation is complicated. And the procedures are being done continuously by skilled doctors. As seen in this patient's condition, the combined efforts of experienced doctors of the Department of Interventional Radiology and Gastroenterology could relieve the patient. Geetanjali Medicity has continuously matured into a multi super specialty hospital for the last 13 years and has become a tertiary medical center.

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