FadooTV launches #WakeUpIndia

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10 Mar 18
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FadooTV launches #WakeUpIndia This Women’s Day Week, FadooTV.com brings to you a thought-provoking video~
Udaipur. The recent few years have seen a number of valiant women fight for their dignity. While a handful of them have had their dear ones, such as their relatives or partners, put up a brave fight against the criminals and exploiters, the big question that still remains is — why did nobody came forward to help? What about the tens of thousands of people who just stood there and watched? What about you, the person sitting next to you, the person who just passed by you…did they stand up for any injustice or violence against a woman, ever?
On the occasion of Women’s Day Week, Raaj Konaar,Founder, Fadoo TV and a film director, brings to you #WakeUpIndia, a social media campaign that wants to remind every woman of those times when no bystander, no passer-by, no onlooker, nobody came to her rescue, to help her, to save her. It is a reminder to each and every one of us about why we didn’t raise our voice when an innocent life was being abused in a public place. But before you ask anyone else that question, delve deeper and ask yourself that question first. Every year, Women’s Day Week is celebrated with a lot of cheer, and with innumerable slogans and hashtag campaigns running across various social media platforms. Ironically, all those campaigns and slogans, and, more importantly, the intention behind each of them, die down within days. But this Women’s Day Week, #WakeUpIndia promises to be an awakening that refuses to fade away anytime soon.
Speaking about the #WakeUpIndia campaign, Konaar says, “Through #WakeUpIndia, we want to awaken the women who have experienced any kind of violence or exploitation, no matter how big or small it may have been, and want them to share their experience with us. And, above all, we want to wake up the conscience of those people who didn’t bother to bat an eyelid, and want them to introspect why they didn’t do anything to save a woman’s modesty. They need to understand that what’s happening to an unknown woman today, could happen to their mother, sister, wife, or daughter tomorrow. And the only way to stop such heinous crimes is by being bold and going all out to protect our women.”

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