Rupees 5 Lakh worth duplicate KENT branded Spare filters of Water Purifiers and brand labels Seized in DANKUNI Hooghly, West Bengal.

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15 Feb 22
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Rupees 5 Lakh worth duplicate KENT branded Spare filters of Water Purifiers and brand labels Seized in DANKUNI Hooghly, West Bengal.

Acknowledged as a Leader in the RO Water Purifier category, KENT RO SYSTEMS LIMITED is the largest manufacturer of water purifiers in India.  KENT RO Water Purifier Brand has acquired immense popularity and repute in the market for their quality products.  As such it is continuously targeted by counterfeiters in order to boost sales of their inferior quality accessories by infringing the “KENT RO” artistic work/Brand Logo. A large racket behind, manufacturing and suppling spurious spare parts such as Ro membranes, sediment filters, carbon filters has been identified by KENT. These counterfeit or fake KENT accessories not only act as a threat to Kent RO Systems Limited; who suffer from loss in revenue apart from bringing down their Brand Value, but also pose a major risk to the health and safety of consumers.


Since drinking pure water is vital to human health and Water Purifier spare filters such as RO Membrane, Sediment Filters, Carbon Filters etc are the most important and basic spare filters for processing raw / impure water to potable drinking water. Fake filters in Purifying water will lead to cause serious health hazards of innocent consumers at the same time these counterfeiter enters to the home of innocent consumer for replacement of fake filter become threat of safety of such consumers.


KENT RO Systems Limited has been aggressively  and regularly taking strict legal action, throughout India, against such manufacturers, suppliers and traders who are involved in selling and stocking duplicate Kent RO accessories.  Kent has appointed numerous Brand Protection Agency in all parts of India and authorise them to conduct investigation and initiate Prosecution under Criminal legislation to punish the infringers/duplicators.


Following a complaint lodged, by the Brand Protection Agency, against Srikanta Mondal, a team of KENT officials along with DANKUNI Police Officers, raided the said shops, on 08th February 2022, and seized duplicate/fake KENT Brand accessories (RO Membranes, Inline Sediment Filters, Inline Carbon Filters, and D.P. Pump).  An FIR is being lodged against the Srikanta Mondal who have been arrested by the Police. The Police have seized 548 Pcs. of duplicate KENT accessories.   A Case has been registered vide FIR No. 45/2022 dated 08.02.2022 of DANKUNI Police Station under the provisions of U/s 61 and 63 of Copyright Act of 1957 and 120 B/IPC 420 Dankuni Hooghly, West Bengal Police are investigating the matter.

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