The Republic

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13 Jan 21
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Dr. H.S.Chandalia

The Republic

Public is Marching on the Rajpath

The Nation is observing

The Republic Day!

The troops salute the President

The President salutes the government

Who will salute the public

On the Republic Day ?


On thirty Eighth Day of the Agitation

Fortieth Death was announced-

It was a suicide

And the deceased said,

He didn’t like the way

The government treated the farmers-

Those who die on the roads

Do not get gallantry awards, they say.


Human lives do not matter

Deaths’  count is just a number,

“The Prime Minister will not

Cow down before any Pressure”,

says the Agriculture Minister

And says in the same vein,

“ The government is with the farmers”.


The crop of lies is flourishing in this regime,

The agitation is misguided , they say.

An American survey says,

 “Our PM is the most popular one

in the whole world.”


The smoke rises up the tents,

At 4 degree Celsius,

Old Men , women and Children

Brave the weather in the capital under open sky.

The Republic Day is being observed

While the Public fasts unto death.     

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