Biodiversity Day celebrated at Fisheries College

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23 May 20
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Biodiversity Day celebrated at Fisheries College

Udaipur. Biodiversity Day was organized online at Fisheries College (MPUAT). It is worth mentioning that on May 22, every year, the United Nations to raise comprehensive awareness of the biodiversity of the Earth and share its views on its conservation and conduct various programs for preservation. On this occasion, a special seminar was organized in the fishery college on Friday in two sessions.

 In the opening session of the online meeting, Dr. Subodh Sharma, the Dean of Fisheries College, while explaining the significance of online biodiversity day during the COVID epidemic, said that this year the subject of biodiversity is "Nature has a solution to our problems." He said that on this theme, the world's biologists and policymakers had seen the programs of biodiversity connected with natural solutions so that we can learn to live naturally with nature in harmony and harmony, needs to be adopted. Given special lectures on the eminent environmentalist of Fisheries College, Prof. LL Sharma apprised the participants of various essential aspects of biodiversity and conservation of the aquatic environment along with a piece of summary information on India's rich biodiversity. He said that there is a great need to conserve the marine environment and biodiversity of the state; for this, he talked about the integrated management of fisheries, fisheries from reservoirs, and environmental protection programs. He said that for this, we need to comply with the latest technologies like gene mapping, digital technology, and environment-friendly technologies, energy economy as well as honesty, and strict enforcement of laws and policies made in this direction.

On this occasion, Dr. B.K. Sharma, Head of the Department of Aquaculture, spoke about authenticated seed harvesting for conservation and promotion of local fish species in the reservoirs. Head of Fisheries Management Department, Dr. ML Ojha talked about their genetic studies and database for the conservation of local aquatic wealth. Dr. Niranjan Sarang, associated with Kanawardha, Chhattisgarh, gave information on biodiversity conservation and fisheries conservation in Chhattisgarh. It emerged in the seminar that the fish seed, which is stored in the reservoirs for the protection of local fisheries and biodiversity, important in the state's reservoirs, rivers, and other water bodies, to ensure the complete quality of fish seed at the government level. Certification is urgently needed. It is being seen that fast-growing and multifaceted fish species like Tilapia, Bighad, Thaimagur, Dogla, Pangas, etc. are being reared more in the reservoir for more production and revenue. Due to which local species have become extinct, hence there is an urgent need for their protection.

In this online seminar, the faculty of the college, Dr. Shahida Jaipuri, including alumni located in remote parts of the country, faculty from elsewhere, many students of the college participated.

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