Fashion for a cause : designer Anjali phougat

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16 Mar 23
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Fashion for a cause : designer Anjali phougat

A student organization at Ohio State University holder a fashion show Sunday evening to combat human trafficking in Ohio.
The Unchained OSU fashion show organized by a student group, used fashion to tell the story of a survivor of human trafficking and raise funds for a special scholarship for victims. Featured student models wearing outfits from Columbus-based designers.

Anjali phougat from designer dream collection designed the looks for water segment of the show.  She feels fashion has a purpose to communicate the story to the audience. Fashion shows are some of the the most highly influential and anticipated events in the industry on an international level. The collection is use to portray or narrate the purpose of the show. The emotions and story when it’s narrated and showcased by designs and fashion it helps the audience to connect visually & emotionally. We used many water elements such as seashells, pearls, blue lights, crystals and liquid sateen fabrics to translate the emotions into the clothing and atmosphere. As the runway progressed the darker coral tones begin to lighten. Clothing become more joyful and models adorned crystal accessories and light in the dresses is if light emerges from darkness.
Art is powerful and it can speak when we can’t find the words. Through the fashion show we hope to engage our community in a unique and memorable way.
The Unchained Fashion Show provides a visual and poetic representation of a person who has gone from an innocent child to a victim of trafficking, and how such a thing could possibly happen. Many people are unaware that people are being trafficked all over the world, including just down the street, and anyone can become trapped in slavery.
The main goal of the show is education. We hope that the audience leaves more educated about human trafficking, as well as local resources and ways to help. We believe that giving audiences the knowledge and resources to recognize and report trafficking will make an impact in preventing themselves or others from becoming entangled in trafficking. The fashion show also raises money for the Strategies for Success Scholarship, which is awarded to survivors of human trafficking who are improving their lives through higher education.
When we tell people that we are an anti-human trafficking organization that puts on fashion shows, we often receive curiousity or looks of confusion about the connection between the two and how that works. The reason that we use fashion shows to talk about human trafficking is that the topic of human trafficking is complicated and heavy. It is often difficult to find the words for such a horrible thing.


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