### International Conference Concludes with Intellectual Discourse and High-Level Research Outcomes at B.N

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02 Jun 24
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### International Conference Concludes with Intellectual Discourse and High-Level Research Outcomes at B.N

A two-day international conference on "Recent Trends and Innovations in Life Sciences" was organized by the Zoology Department at Bhupal Nobles Postgraduate College, concluding grandly in the college's seminar hall. 

In the closing session, Professor Vinita Rathore, retired Associate Professor, SMB Government PG College, Nathdwara, discussed the impact of scientific innovations across various fields. She emphasized that while medical treatments were previously not accessible to all, advancements like AI and robotics have now made healthcare more accessible and effective. 

Conference Chairperson Dr. Renu Rathore and Conference Director Dr. Ritu Tomar provided detailed insights, mentioning that the conference was conducted in hybrid mode. Keynote speakers included Hiteshma Singh Chauhan, Lecturer of Information System and Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, who elaborated on AI; Dr. Lubiana Bahar, Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, England, who spoke on "Smart Technology and the Role of AI in Health Monitoring"; Nidhi Saikhedkar from Johnson & Johnson, Utrecht, Netherlands, who discussed "Potential Curiosity and Experiments in Life Sciences Careers"; and Dr. Neha Jaiswal, Scientific Research Officer at IMCHRC, Indore, who shed light on "Sickle Cells."

The principal patrons of the conference, Professor Colonel Shivsingh Sarangdevot, Dr. Mahendra Singh Rathore, and Mohabbat Singh Rathore, extended their congratulations on the conference's immense success. They highlighted that such events will continuously pave new avenues for research, set new dimensions, and present future challenges for upcoming generations. The conclusions derived from the intellectual deliberations will serve as a foundation for future scientific innovations.

Conference Secretary and Head of the Zoology Department, Dr. Sangeeta Rathore, presented the report of the two-day conference and expressed her gratitude. She elaborated on the technical sessions, announcing the winners of the oral presentations. In the offline mode, Dr. Ram Prakash Saran secured the first position, and Sonia Patheria the second. In the online mode, Ayushi Malik stood first, and Temesgen Banga second. For online poster presentations, Dr. Avinash Marwal won first place, and Jaspreet Kaur second, while in the offline mode, Bhavya Singh and Priyanka Charan secured first place, and Ramesh Chauhan second. All winners were awarded by the guests.

The organizers, Dr. Abhimanyu Singh Rathore, committee members Dr. Sabia Sindhi, Mrs. Monika Rajawat, Dr. Neerja Shekhawat, Dr. Jyotsna Shekhawat, and Ms. Riddhima Shaktawat, played a crucial role in making the conference successful. The program was conducted by Dr. Praveena Rathore and Dr. Jyotsna Shekhawat. This information was provided by the university's Public Relations Officer, Dr. Kamal Singh Rathore.

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