Publication of an Authentic Book on Meera's Life to Commence at the University - Prof. Sarangdevot**

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20 Feb 24
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Publication of an Authentic Book on Meera's Life to Commence at the University - Prof. Sarangdevot**

*Udaipur, The Meera Study and Research Institute, established by Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University, announced the conclusion of the two-day national conference on "Meera's Place in the Vaishnav Bhakti Tradition" at the Vice-Chancellor's office on Tuesday. The Chief Guest of the closing session, Prof. Manju Chaturvedi, expressed that understanding Meera requires a holistic approach, delving into her entirety rather than isolating fragments. Meera represents the ideal of complete women's consciousness, and researching her verses can reveal hidden mysteries, providing a shared understanding among scholars.

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**Authentic Documentation of Meera's Life**

While presiding over the event, Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.S. Sarangdevot conveyed that Meera's life has multiple dimensions yet to be authentically documented. The University will undertake research by various scholars to bring forth the truth of history and publish a reliable book. He emphasized that Meera's verses are not only spiritual but also touch upon worldly values, making her an embodiment of both the mystical and the mundane.

**Meera's Universal Appeal**

Meera has a timeless influence, even after more than 526 years since her departure. Prof. Sarangdevot declared that the Meera Peeth will conduct an in-depth study on 300 of Meera's verses and announce a forthcoming seminar on her. He also acknowledged the commitment of Prof. Kalyan Singh Shekhawat, who pledged a donation of one lakh rupees to Meera Peeth.

**Prominent Scholars' Insights**

In her address, Prof. Manju Chaturvedi highlighted that Meera's poetry holds a power that surpasses time, inspiring generations for more than five centuries. Meera is not confined to a specific sect; rather, her words resonate universally. The conference was an essential step towards understanding the profound impact of Meera's life and verses on human consciousness.

**Financial Support and Future Plans**

Director-General Prof. Kalyan Singh Shekhawat announced a generous donation of one lakh rupees for Meera Peeth. He also shared his insights into the construction of temples dedicated to the Sagun Sampradaya, emphasizing their role in promoting Vaishnav Bhakti. Prof. Sarangdevot expressed gratitude for the commitment and support from scholars worldwide who actively participate in the continuous seminars and conferences organized by Meera Peeth.

The event concluded with the distribution of certificates to research scholars, the release of the book "Chaubis Avatars and Bharat Mata" by Manoharlal Moondra, and the presence of distinguished guests, including Prof. Jeevan Singh Kharkwal, Dr. Hina Khan, Dr. Babita Rashid, Dr. Neeru Rathore, Dr. Gunbala Aameta, Dr. Madhu Murdiya, Dr. Shilpa Kanthalia, Vimal Sharma, Jaykishan Choube, Indrasingh Ranawat, Dr. Lalit Salvi, and Vikas Dangi, along with the Deans and Directors of the University.

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