Rajasthan Budget 2010-11

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09 Mar, 10 16:26
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Salient features of Budget 2010-11

♦ Annual plan of current financial year as per revised estimate is Rs.18561
crore. The annual plan for the year 2010-11 is Rs.23822 crore which is 37%
higher than the approved annual plan of the year 2009-10.
♦ The size of Budget 2010-11 is Rs.54348 crore which is 8.32% higher than
the revised estimates of the 2009-10.
♦ Budget surplus of Rs.48 crore is estimated in the Budget 2010-11.
♦ Total revenue receipts of Rs.42463 crore estimated in the Budget 2010-11
which is 14% higher than the revised estimates of the current year.
♦ State’s own tax revenues of Rs.19021 crore is estimated in the Budget 2010-
11 which is 14% higher than the revised estimates of Rs.16663 crore in the
current year.
♦ State’s own tax revenue has been estimated to be 7.87% of the GSDP in the
Budget 2010-11.
♦ Interest payment has been estimated to be Rs.7427 crore in the Budget
2010-11, which is 17.49% of the total revenue receipts of the State
♦ Revenue deficit and fiscal deficit are estimated to Rs.1098 crore and
Rs.8461 crore respectively in the Budget 2010-11. The Gross Fiscal Deficit
as per revised estimates of 2009-10 is 4.5% of the GSDP whereas this ratio
is 3.50% in the BE 2010-11.
♦ The award of the Thirteenth Finance Commission for the period 2010-2015
has been favourable for the State. The Finance Commission has prescribed
the target of elimination of revenue deficit and containing the fiscal deficit
upto 3% of GSDP in the year 2011-12. As per present estimates the State
would be able to achieve these targets.
♦ The capital outlay in 2010-11 as per BE is Rs.7433 crore which is higher by
Rs.1907 crore from the revised estimates of the current year. The capital
outlay to GSDP ratio in 2010-11 is 3.07% as against the ratio of 2.51% in the
current year.
♦ In the annual plan 2010-11 maximum outlay has been provided for power
sector, which is 52% of the total plan outlay.
♦ The plan outlay for social and community services is 27% of the total plan
ceiling of 2010-11.

Salient Features of Budget Announcements
♦ The main thrust of the Budget is on good governance and accountability
besides better delivery of services.
♦ A Public Grievances Redressal Commission is to be constituted at the State
♦ Ambitious plan for road sector through RSRDC, RIDCOR, VGF, SUOMOTO
and NABARD. Plan for construction of roads of 5000 Kms length.
♦ In the energy sector, special emphasis on generation of power. During
current year addition of 945MW, another 1800MW by end of Eleventh Plan
period and further 10280MW by the end of Twelfth Plan period.
♦ New solar energy policy to be announced.
♦ Provision of Rs.777.58 crore for irrigation sector in 2010-11.
♦ For drinking water provision of Rs.1231 crore under Plan and Rs.284 crore
under CSS. In addition another Rs.1100 crore under Nation Rural Drinking
Water programme.
♦ Mukhya Mantri BPL Jeevan Raksha Kosh extended to old-age, widow and
disabled pensioners for free medical treatment.
♦ Additional 150 ‘108 Ambulance Service’ in the State.
♦ Addition of 750 beds in CHCs and District Hospitals.
♦ All district hospitals and hospitals on National Highways to have Trauma
♦ A general Nursing College in Chittorgarh on PPP model.
♦ New Unani Directorate.
♦ Addition of 1000 beds in associated hospitals of Medical Colleges.
♦ New policy for disabled to be issued.
♦ Substantial increase in the rates of old-age, widow and disabled pension.
Rs.500 per month for pensioners below 75 years of age and Rs.750 for
pensioner above 75 years of age.
♦ Increase in the capacity of hostels for SC, ST and OBC. Construction of 11
new hostel building at Tehsil headquarters.
♦ Provision of Rs.1 crore for private schools for disabled children.
♦ Post-metric scholarship and financial assistance for coaching for RAS and
IAS competitive examination to special OBC boys and girls.

♦ Special package for minorities – 1000 para teachers for madarasas and Rs.2
crore for library, computer and furniture.
♦ A new hostel in Jaipur for girls of minorities.
♦ 200 pakka houses for kathodi families in Udaipur division with the assistance
♦ Special assistance to 38000 tribal families for promoting horticulture.
♦ Rs.3 crore provided for the breed improvement of animals to ST families.
♦ Rs.3 crore provided for training and education of tribal children to avoid their
♦ 50% subsidy on interest on loans taken by women SHGs.
♦ Women Security and Advisory Centres at all district headquarters.
♦ Increase in remuneration of Gram Rojgar Sahayak under NEREGA from
Rs.2500 to Rs.3500.
♦ Rajasthan Rural Engineering Service to be constituted.
♦ Engagement of cooks on honorarium of Rs.1000 per month under Mid-day
meal scheme.
♦ Weather based Crop Insurance Scheme extended in all the districts.
♦ Input subsidy of Rs.797 crore to farmers of drought affected areas.
♦ Distribution of minikits for growing green fodder.
♦ Target of Rs.5000 crore crop loan by Co-operative Banks to 21 lacs farmers.
♦ Advance storage of DAP and Urea.
♦ Extension in the veterinary services in the State.
♦ New Fisheries College in Udaipur.
♦ Setting-up of Food and Civil Supply Corporation in the State.
♦ Increase in the Commission rate of whole sellers from Rs.5 per quintal to
Rs.10 per quintal and for retailers from Rs.8 to Rs.20 per quintal, under PDS.
♦ Wheat at Rs.2 per Kg. to all BPL families.
♦ Establishment of ITIs at all Panchayat Samiti headquarters.
♦ Indira Priyadarshni Award to first position holder girls in 8th, 10th and 12th
board examination in each district, belonging to SC, ST, OBC minorities and
♦ Higher education in a foreign country to first three position holder girls in 10th
board exam at Government cost.
♦ Separate Arts PG College at Ajmer.

♦ E-Secretariat Scheme to be implemented.
♦ New Rajasthan Infrastructure Development Act.
♦ Disinvestment of 10% shares of RSMML.
♦ Promoting legal mining with a view to provide more employment.
♦ Special efforts for containing road accidents and strengthening of the
Transport Department.
♦ Setting-up of State Urbanisation Commission.
♦ Constitution of Rajasthan Urban Development Fund with a corpus of Rs.400
♦ Simplification of Urban Development Tax and introduction of Self
Assessment Scheme.
♦ Constitution of ‘Mela Authority’ to ensure safety and security of pilgrims and
♦ Police Commissioner System in Jaipur and Jodhpur.
♦ State Disaster Response Force to be constituted.
♦ Funds provided for new buildings for High Court and Judicial Academy at
♦ Setting-up of rent Tribunals and Appellate Tribunals at Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota
and Ajmer.
♦ Setting-up of 7 family courts in the State.
♦ Interest waiver on payment of outstanding principal amount by farmers upto
31st December, 2010 in colonisation area.
♦ Pension of 2nd World War Soldiers and Widows increased from Rs.800 to
Rs.1200 per month.
♦ New Collectorate building at Alwar.
♦ Pension of freedom fighters raised from Rs.8,000 to Rs.10,000 per month.
♦ Revision in the advertisement rates of newspapers.
♦ Early decision on recommendations of Pay Upgradation and Anomaly
Redressal Committee when received.
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