Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt inspected MB Hospital.

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02 Feb 23
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Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt inspected MB Hospital.

Udaipur | Divisional Commissioner Rajendra Bhatt has many innovations to his name. He spent the last few days looking at the condition of the Maharana Bhopal Hospital in Udaipur. In a meeting of the officers of the Medical College, Janana Chikitsalya, and General Hospital, he directed that the face and character of this hospital should be changed within a month.

He questioned that when the whole city can be made clean and chalky as part of the preparations for the G-20 conference, then why not the hospital?

Mr. Bhatt visited the hospital along with the Hospital superintendent and officials of government departments. He Inspected the wards and ordered the officers that the CCTV cameras installed in the hospital should be turned on. During the inspection, seeing the filth in the wards took the class of the doctors and said that the situation should be rectified immediately. He gave instructions on making slips, arranging outdoor seating for patients, and cleaning the ward.

The Divisional Commissioner told the medical officers that they had come to see the bad, not the good so that he could be cured.

When the principal requested him to visit the newly built gleaming MICU complex, he got angry and said we must see where improvement is necessary. The Divisional Commissioner gave instructions for better cleaning of toilets and attractive colors. He told the photographer walking with him to take photographs from every corner and send them to me. The commissioner got angry seeing the wires hanging all over the place; he called the caretaker of the hospital and asked him to arrange them. He made it clear that his instructions were for all hospitals. I will inspect it again after one month, and it should be fine. The Divisional Commissioner said that MB Hospital had experienced doctors and had all facilities, yet people ran to private hospitals only because of filth and minor defects. This step of the Divisional Commissioner is an innovation. It should be expected that all the Commissioners, Collectors, and Sub-Divisional Officers of the state will inspect the hospital in their way and get the arrangements chalked out.

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