Ayurveda helps to fight exams fever/ stress.

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24 Mar 18
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Dr Manjeet

Ayurveda helps to fight exams fever/ stress. How ayurveda helps to fight exams fever/ stress.
When students prepare for their exam, at that time they feel pressure, it is called examination fever.It is a common phenomena when everyone tries their best to achieve their goals they will definitely feel stress due to extra hardwork.
But some times students aren’t able to cope up with their stress level in that situation they suffer with some psychosomatic problems like nausea, vomiting, acidity, headache, back pain,jaw pain, nervousness, IBS, insomnia,anxiety,depression etc.
Ayurveda is very helpful in fighting exam fever in the following ways:-
(1) follow ahaar, vihar and achaar according ayurveda.
Ahaar :- eat balanced and nutritious food. With plenty of fruits
(2) parents prepare their menus according their choice but junk food should be avoided.
(3) breakfast, lunch and dinners are essential but eat less in chronological order.
(4) drink plenty of water in different forms like lemon water , juices, lassi, shakes, coconut water with changing patterns.
(5) during long time studies students feel exhausted ,at that time some energy giving items like ice cream, crushed ice lemonade which we can we prepare at home are great cooling agents to reduce stress level.
(6) drink milk with munakka, ashwgandha, Brahmi and rose to keep the mind cool.
(1) take deep breaths between study intervals
(2) stretch muscles
(3) walk 10 to15 minuets during study break
(5) do meditation early in the morning and at bed time.
(6) listen to favourite music
(7) talk to your good friend to exchange problems and solutions
(8) surya namaskar is also very beneficial to reduce stress level
(8) activities like dancing, jumping are also helpful to reduce stress level.
(1) Dont be tense
(2) always smile
(3) speak softly
(4) pray to God
(5) get blessings of elders
(6) Think positive
(7) work hard and give your best.
(8) Never forget ur personality is not judged by your marks but it’s judged by your behaviour.
(9) early to wake up early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise .

Dr Manjeet KAUR
Govt Ayurvedic Hospital Bikaner House, New Delhi.

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