B.L. Santosh: Boosting Voter Turnout is the Ultimate Goal of Party Workers

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21 Apr 24
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B.L. Santosh: Boosting Voter Turnout is the Ultimate Goal of Party Workers

In a meeting held at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) office in Balicha today, the Lok Sabha polls and management committee convened under the chairmanship of the National Organization Secretary B.L. Santosh. The meeting commenced with the lighting of lamps by all guests. National Secretary and State Election Co-incharge Vijaya Rahatkar welcomed everyone, stating that the party organization is robust and every worker is diligently engaged in preparations for the Lok Sabha elections, ensuring that the achievements of the Modi government reach every citizen. Santosh, in his address, emphasized the importance of reaching various schemes of the Modi government to the masses and praised the satisfactory voter turnout in the first phase, urging workers to strive for further improvement. He stressed the need for workers to work diligently to familiarize voters with Modi's policies and ensure their commitment to the party. Additionally, he urged workers to counter opposition propaganda effectively. Jhadol MLA and Cabinet Minister Babulal Kharadi instructed workers to wholeheartedly engage in winning elections. Lok Sabha coordinator Pramod Samar expressed confidence that the Udaipur Lok Sabha seat would be won decisively and that candidates would campaign with renewed resolve throughout the region. BJP Media Section in-charge Chanchal Kumar Agrawal and Lok Sabha Media Co-incharge Ashok Ameta informed that in the meeting, Udaipur City MLA Tarachand Jain, Rural MLA Phool Singh Meena, District President Ravindra Shrimali, and Chandragupta Singh Chauhan, Lok Sabha candidate Dr. Mannalal Rawat, Salumbar MLA Amritlal Meena, and MLA candidates Nanalal Ahari, Kanhaiya Lal Meena, Gopi Chand, District Organization in-charge Banshilal Khatik, District President Mamta Kuwar, Deputy District President Pushkar Teli, Lok Sabha co-incharge Mahesh Sharma, Mayor GS Tank, Deputy Mayor Pars Singhvi, District Secretary Kiran Jain, Manoj Meghwal, Jitendra Singh Asoliya, Sunita Mandawat, Takhat Singh Shaktawat, Rajni Dangi, Shailendra Chauhan, Khoobi Lal Paliwal, Atul Chandaliya, Vandana Meena, Pratibha Nagda, Narendra Meena, Amrit Meena, and Lalit Singh were present.

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