Mobile has taken the innocence of Child

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16 Apr, 18 14:22
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Learn & Grow International Pre School in a unique social initiative organized a Seminar on Impact of Technology on children for parents. This initiative was taken to create awareness among parents for better upbringing of children and the creative ways to take the child away from technology. In today’s times, mobile is the first thing that the child is exposed to and its long-term hazards are numerous. Children are affected towards technology due to nuclear families, work stress single child. The children are less exposed to outdoor and creative activities which in turn are affecting their physical and mental development.
Derek & Fiona Top the directors of the school believe that this message is important to be delivered in society as stakeholders in education. An early foundation will create a better and healthy tomorrow. Children can be saved from numerous social evils through this activity.
Psychologist Dr. Ajay Chaudhary and Dr. Swati Gokhru from Mr. Bhartiya Education briefed parents and taught children about the preventive measures through interactive technique. Parents applauded the school for its efforts and the school informed that such seminars and innovative modules which create the overall development of students shall now be a regular focus.

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