GMCH :A Beacon of Hope for Desperate Patients*

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Published on : 25 May, 24 13:05

 GMCH :A Beacon of Hope for Desperate Patients*

Dr. Kamal Kishore Bishnoi and his team at Geetanjali Hospital's GI Surgery Department have achieved remarkable success, providing new hope to three patients from underprivileged backgrounds. Despite having small intestines reduced to just 20 and 60 centimeters—far below the minimum 100 centimeters typically required for survival—these patients are now living healthy lives on regular diets, avoiding the exorbitant costs of parenteral nutrition.

The small intestine, vital for digestion, usually measures 5-7 meters. It includes the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum, which together facilitate nutrient absorption. Disorders like gas, abdominal pain, and infections can disrupt its function, but proper nutrition and hydration are essential for maintaining its health.

Three patients, 46-year-old Munna Khan from Udaipur, 63-year-old Nathulal from Bhilwara, and 34-year-old Shabana from Mandsaur, faced critical conditions due to extensive gangrene in their intestines. Rejected by other hospitals, they turned to Geetanjali Hospital, where Dr. Bishnoi's team successfully operated on them. Post-operative care included a specialized diet that allowed their shortened intestines to function effectively.

Dr. Kamal highlighted that patients typically require intravenous nutrition costing ₹4000-₹5000 daily, but his team managed to sustain these patients on modified oral diets, significantly reducing expenses. The success of these surgeries exemplifies the hospital's capability to handle complex cases with advanced techniques and dedicated care.

Rishi Kapoor, COO of Geetanjali Hospital, commended the GI Surgery Department for their outstanding work, emphasizing their role in transforming lives and offering hope to those in dire situations. Geetanjali Hospital continues to set benchmarks in medical care with its comprehensive and advanced treatment facilities.

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