Play back singer Shaan congratulates Arun Kumar Nikam on Betiyaan song

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Published on : 22 May, 23 04:05

Play back singer Shaan congratulates Arun Kumar Nikam on Betiyaan song

Recently Arun Kumar Nikam's daughters song was launched. Shaan praised Arun Kumar Nikam on the song Betiyaan

The house, the world and the world run only through daughters.

Arun Kumar Nikam said on Betiyan Song, "Daughters are not less than sons, in this country daughters have done what even sons cannot do. Son saves one clan but daughters save two clans." But in today's time, there is a lot of oppression on daughters, in the society, daughters become victims of neglect, with this thought, Daughters Song was made so that the world feels that daughters are not dependent on anyone, they can live by struggling themselves.

Mahesh Bhai Sawani, Naishadh Bhai Desai, Mathur Bhai Sawani, Manoj Desai, Dr. Sanjay Patel, Ashok Bhai Hadiya, Bhavna Behen Patel, Nand Kishore Agarwal, Bhavdeep Desai and Ritu Pandit have contributed a lot in making Betiyaan Song.

Arun Kumar Nikam is a big fan of Salman Khan. Arun Kumar Nikam has become writer and director only in the desire of Salman Khan. Writer-director has been struggling in Bollywood for the last 20 years to work with Salman Khan.

Music in Betiyan song is given by Nikhil Kamath, Singer is Amrita Bharti and Lehar Solanki. Arun Kumar Nikam is the lyricist and director of this song.

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