Chittorgarh Fort Festival: Many new competitions will increase attraction

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Published on : 11 Dec, 19 15:12

Hritu Sodhi

Chittorgarh Fort Festival: Many new competitions will increase attraction

 Chittorgarh, Chittorgarh Fort Festival organized from 3rd to 5th January this year under the joint aegis of District Administration and Tourism Department with the objective of attracting foreign tourists as well as local people of Chittorgarh.

 In this festival, this time you will get to see something that will make you more surprised. Hot air balloons, kite flying parasailing, horse competition and many other such competitions will be the main attraction of this festival.  The festival will be inaugurated with great pomp by taking out the traditional welcome and procession of foreign guests.

In wrestling competition, wrestlers from Chittorgarh doing Dhobipat, Sanditod, Bagal drown, Irani, Kaljang and Nika, once again raise the curiosity of Chittorgarh's people and while watching this competition people will definitely get attracted towards this famous sport of India.

   People will be surprised to see the amazing combination of agility, mind and physical strength of kabaddi players in Kabbadi competition.

   Our city is all set to get drenched in the unique colors of excitement, joy and fun by attending Chittorgarh Fort Festival.

  The purpose of these programs is not only entertaining but also to arouse the enthusiasm of people towards their traditions and old games.

   Performance by folk artists will not only promote the art and culture but will also create the passion to do something in this field among the people of Chittorgarh. The city will be visited by the artists and contestants coming to Chittorgarh Fort Festival and people will get to know and learn a lot from them. This type of event was also organized for Chittorgarh city last year, but this time it will increase its attraction by incorporating many new things in this festival.


 There will be traditional reception in Mewari style and Man Manuhaar of foreign guests will be done


 As the Chittorgarh Fort Festival draws closer, its preparations are increasing.  In the Chittorgarh Fort Festival, a lot of programs will be organized, which will not only entertain the general public but will also see a lot of new things.

  To attract foreign guests to the Chittorgarh Fort Festival, as in previous years, the Mann Manuhar program will be done according to traditional customs.

 During the Chittorgarh Fort Festival, when a program of village safari is organized for foreign tourists in Bassi village near Chittorgarh, the whole village comes to welcome foreign tourists.  Foreign guests are given a grand welcome by the innocent people of the village. They are seated in bullock carts and driven into the village. Folk dances are performed by folk artists and they are also shown products made by village artisans and handicraftsmen.  There is a great demand abroad for village made products. Foreign tourists like it very much and take these articles with them.

 Foreign guests are then served Mewari food with great honor and fervor on the banks of Shiv Sagar Talab. Foreign guests are overwhelmed by the hospitality and rural culture of the villagers and say Amazing, Awesome, Superb when they see the local customs. While the villagers leave no stone unturned to welcome these foreign guests, the foreign guests fully enjoy the Indian culture with them.

 This year Chittorgarh is fully ready to welcome foreign guests in a similar manner.

  Now the wait is just a few days, when the Chittorgarh Fort Festival will be in its full color and foreign guests will get to enjoy it fully with local people.


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