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16 Apr 18
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Kathua, Unnav, and Nirbhaya all these names are synonymous with gruesome and obnoxious felonies against a child, a young girl, and a lady respectively. What horrifies more that despite these bone-chilling crimes, things have not changed. The inhuman men who carry out such insanely coward acts are still daring to commit the crimes against women.

Any act of barbaric torture against anyone is inhuman, but when you do such things against a child, you prove the humanity wrong. You confirm that your birth was the most prominent mistake by nature. Now, its the duty of the government to eliminate such people out of the society and send them back to their hell where they belong to.

Nature is very balanced and unbiased. And this is why the world is still there. You buy one cup of coffee, and you pay for one cup of coffee. Neither you get two cups of coffee for the price of one, more you pay double money for a single cup of coffee.

If a person has committed a heinous crime against some, they need a hard punishment. When you let them scot-free, they make fun of the people. They dare to do it again. After all, they did it on purpose-right?

If a moron advocate argues that act was done under the influence of alcohol, then, logically ban liquor or arrest everyone who drinks.

The alcohol is not the culprit, the filthy mindset is. The only need is an exemplary punishment for such heinous crimes. A public execution and castrations are few to name. The rules of humanity do not apply inhuman. These are men by accident and they need to be sent back for repackaging as anything but human.
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